“Angry Planet – Photography by Peter Rowe” was published in 2016 in Ireland by the World Explorers Bureau and Ripcord Adventure Journal, in association with Redpoint Resolutions.

“Adventures in Filmmaking” was published in 2013 by Pinewood Publishing. It can be found at

Here’s one of the many five star reviews on the amazon site:

“Adventures in Filmmaking, is a romp through the modern history of film making that crosses the globe from one end of the world to the other. From his underground films and acid rockumentaries of the sixties to the modern extremes of shooting outdoor adventure documentaries, Peter Rowe takes you along for the ride. Along the way he introduces you to a host of characters, including the likes of John Lennon and Mickey Rooney, so fantastical even the wildest imagination couldn’t conjure them. In documentary filmmaking, the adventure is where you find it. Peter tells the behind the scene stories of getting to the top of an active volcano in the Congo, visiting Chernobyl, and chasing tornadoes and great white sharks. But this isn’t just a story about filmmaking, this is a story about Peter Rowe and a life well led, and I am quite sure that there is more of this story to come. A fun and interesting read. Well done.”

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